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ONline School Support


Enrich Your Child’s Education with Personalized Online School Support

If you’re a parent looking for help supporting your child as an online school student, we can help! Our online learning support services are for K-12 students enrolled in an online school or academy. Adult support is critical for your child to find success as an online learner. Our experienced teaching staff are here to help enrich your child’s learning, provide mentoring, nurture their talents and share the weight of providing a high-quality education.

You Don't Have to Do This Alone!


Strengthen Skills

Learning in today’s online schooling environment can be challenging at nearly every level of education.

  • We support and identify any subjects that students are struggling with and create hands-on learning opportunities

  • Our experienced teaching staff are always available and ready for any questions or needs a student may have.

Worry Free

We provide quality learning environment for your child at our center.

  • Our on-site teaching staff includes licensed teachers and knowledgeable learning specialists.

  • We provide school supplies, visuals, books, internet access, scanners, printing and other materials your child would have access to in a typical classroom.

  • Our experienced teaching staff are available and ready for questions and assisting with your child's individual needs.

Cute Girl in Classroom

Resource Ready

Our center is where your child can come to work independently or as part of a group.

  • You can drop off your child at our center knowing that they are being supervised, productive and responsible for their own education in a positive learning environment.

  • Our teaching staff will email session summary reports detailing progress after each session.

  • We understand that both our communication and collaboration with parents are essential to your child's success as an online learner.

Sessions starting at $16 per Student

Learners must be currently enrolled in an online k-12 program

If you are needing information or resources for online programs we can help!

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