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In-Office & In-Home Tutoring

for Exceptional Students

At NWNDC, we call students with special needs exceptional students. The term exceptional celebrates students’ differences includes all learners who need additional support in the classroom and is quickly becoming the preferred term in educational circles.

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We Support All Students


• Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders

• Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

• Language-Based Learning Disabilities

• Deafness/ are Hard of Hearing

• Blindness/ are Partially Sighted

What We Have to Offer

• Convenient and flexible tutoring

• Personalized tutoring approaches

• Tutors specifically selected for your

child’s learning style and personality

• Careful assessment of each student’s needs

•Updated progress reports every step  of the way


Individualized Tutoring

Many students have classroom support programs in place to level the academic playfield and allow them fair and equal access to education. Our tutors ensure that their tutoring is aligned with these programs. You and your child are your child’s best advocates and know your child’s strengths, needs, and goals. We encourage self-advocacy and you will always have a say in the support we provide your child. We will work together to create the right educational framework to help your child succeed.

Academic Coaching

We have individualized tutoring programs for math, algebra, reading, writing, study skills and more! At the Northwest Neurodevelopment Center, you get the best in certified teachers and interactive technology, so your child feels fully engaged and gets the exact learning he or she needs.


= Success

Let NWNDC Give Your Child

Academic Success Today! 

When you work with NWNDC, you can trust your child’s

educational needs are in good hands. Find out how we

can help your child reach their academic goals.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and tour our center.

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